Melinda is a wife, friend, career coach, leadership coach, author, entrepreneur, and learning enthusiast.

In 2019, Melinda became a published author of her first book Transformist of the Heart and Soul. Melinda cites her failures and experiences as being a major inspiration for her life: “My failures have been countless, but my willingness to rise has been relentless. I don’t believe in rehearsing tragedy instead of just positively embrace life. I can’t control the outcome or the result of situations, but I can do my part by showing up and let the rest fall into place naturally.”

Melinda dedicates her time to help the community by engaging in educational programs, volunteering at public schools, and privately funded vocational institutions for adults and teens.


Speaking Topic 1:

Transformation comes from the depth of the heart and soul:

  • Understand how to implement a S.O.L.E purpose in your personal and professional life.
  • Get to know how to create your mantra for success
  • Learn how to use your transformation to inspire others.

Target Audience:  Executives, middle managers, mom-returning to the workplace, military veterans, entrepreneurs, Professionals 

Speaking Topic 2:

Shake off Self-doubt and Boost Your Self-Confidence:

  • Get to incorporate the 5 S’s in your daily routine and gain greater self-confidence
  • Learn how to leverage your failure and mistakes as a learning tool for you and others.
  • Learn how to shake off self-doubt and find the courage to succeed without much support from family and friends.

Target Audience:  Managers, College graduates, Career transitioners, Moms-returning to the workplace, Stay-at-home moms, Military veterans, Entrepreneurs, HR professionals

I look forward to speaking at your next event.  For inquiries please contact me on contact@hribs.com

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