So often professionals are overwhelmed and unable to solve their own problems when it comes to their career growth or transition. They are unsure about what type of help they need, they articulate their pain areas and frustrations to get the right help.  As your career and leadership coach, I am here to provide clarity, a career plan that can broken into bite-sized manageable pieces and accountability. 

Now, I kindly ask that you stop for a brief moment and answer the following  questions: 

  1. Are you fearful of failing in your career?
  2. Are you struggling to perform well in a leadership role?
  3. Are you ready to transition into a new career?
  4. Are ready to successfully pivot in your career?
  5. Are you a first-time manager not getting the right support from your colleagues and subordinates?
  6. Are you a new resident in a country and facing ageism in the job market?
  7. Are you having self-doubts because you do not think you have relevant industry experience or transferable skills?
  8. Are you not sure what to expect at an internship job?
  9. Are clueless on how to transition from a student to a professional?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then that’s where I come in, the  Career and Leadership Coach, to the rescue! 

I want you to show up in your professional life feeling empowered, confident and ready to achieve success. I will help you keep going when you lose momentum or want to stop. We can work together to explore your career options and create a manageable plan if you are a: 

  • First-time manager
  • Entry-level professional
  • College student or graduate
  • Stay-at-Mom
  • Transitioning Military Veteran

Honestly, what is holding you back from shinning in your spot and having a fulfilled and rewarding career and life?

 Let me help you determine the next step in your career.

I can help you discover and achieve the desired success in your career and life by providing:

  1. Guidance in the right direction to achieve results
  2. Help to define your S.O.L.E purpose
  3. Get you to challenge the status quo and explore possibilities
  4. Help to become more proactive and efficient with work tasks
  5. Help to become confident in networking fearlessly for your next career move
  6. Inspire self-confident and accountability
  7. Help to develop soft skills (e.g.salary negotiations, communication, conflict resolutions)
  8. Useful career assessment tools from a highly rated and reputable company