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Job Rejection: 6 Ways On How To Recover Stronger

I remember the times when I didn’t get the jobs I wanted, I felt really crestfallen and bummed-out.   It can be hard not to take job rejection personally. However, at some point in the job search process, you will be turned down for a role. Do not give up on yourself, focus on moving […]

6 Tell-Tale Signs Of A Horrible Boss

Surveys such as Gallup, Monkey Survey, and The Great Place to Work have reported that most employees terminate their employment because of having a horrible or bad boss, not their job.   You might be that employee who has decided to work with a toxic boss because you need the income to take care of your […]

Freedom and Hope: 10 Inspiring Quotes from Women

In light of all events that have transpired over the last few months, and the recent celebration of America’s independence most people have been doing some self-reflection. Many of us are now having some deeper and meaningful discussions with loved ones.  We are asking ourselves the question, ‘What does being free represent, and what’s stopping […]

Reading List: 6 Summer Books For The First-Time Manager

Now that summer is here, this is the ideal time to unwind, recharge, and beat the summer heat.  Curl up with a few good books to read at home, in the park, poolside, or anywhere.  The benefits of reading are much more than entertainment.  It can help you fight depression, increase your confidence, and make […]

Career Assessments: 5 Amazing Things You Need To Know

A career assessment is a tool used to help professionals or students to decide on their career options and development.  It is commonly used by hiring, managers, school counselors, and coaches to determine areas of weakness and strengths of job candidates.  Many career assessments focus on areas such as personality, interest, skills, aptitude, and behavior. There […]

Absolutely Joyous, I Felt It In My Heart

I began writing my first book, Transformist of the Heart and Soul in 2012 and self-published it in September 2013. At the time, it was a writing project I was passionate about and was willing to share a story about my life, the ups and downs, and the ability to develop my emotional, mental, and spiritual strength to weather the storms of life. I was also, inspired to write Transformist of the Heart and Soul when I noticed that many of my friends, colleagues, and even strangers I spoke to were hurting emotionally and mentally, regardless of their socio-economic, professional, or educational background. They were struggling with self-love, self-care, self-identity, self-permission, self-forgiveness, and being in unhealthy relationships. I wanted to find a way to help those people change their mindset and find positive meaning from their struggles. I was determined to help equip them with intangible tools that would recharge their battery throughout their life journey.

Usually, I describe myself as an extroverted being, but in 2013 when I first published Transformist of the Heart and Soul, I was scared to call myself an author; scared to really share my story. After the book was self-published, I shared the news with a few friends and family, I had the fear of criticism and was trying to protect myself from the feedback that would cause me to second-guess my writing ability. I was not confident that my writing style and concept were impressive enough. Furthermore, I had written a poetry book that could be considered a cross between poems, self-help, and journaling. It was different. At the time, I did not believe that being different would be appealing. However, I knew it was important for me to be transparent with my creativity and authenticity in sharing my story.

A few years later, I migrated to New York and knew then that was my opportunity to share book deserved a second. Yes, I was the unknown author with no connections, and with sales figures too embarrassing to share, but fast-forward to 2018; I had the opportunity to work with my current traditional publishing company in New York. The moment the book deal was signed, I recognized it was truly my moment to share my story confidently, unapologetically, and be celebratory. I was ready to step out there and allow myself to be brave, speak my own truth, and own it. I wanted to allow myself to feel joyous and celebrate my achievements. It was time for me to stop being scared and vulnerable in sharing my story. I understood that noise and chatter were inevitable, but to help others meant sharing my story, talent, and creativity.

I am a firm believer that failure, pain, and setbacks, are important lessons needed. Here are four lessons I learned and earned from getting outside my comfort zone.

I learned that it’s okay to celebrate my wins, whether they were small or big. I should always celebrate my accomplishments.

I learned that people, including my family and friends, will not always be my cheerleaders, so I must continue to press on and love them anyway.

Failure and mistakes are a hell of a great thing because I get the chance to revamp, rethink, redo, and allow my creative juices to flow further.

Have courage. I cannot control the outcome of a situation, but I can do my part by showing up and let the rest fall into place naturally. Change agents do not delay their dreams and passions; they go head-on and pursue the goals no matter what, no matter what!

Are you desperately in need of a makeover? Put Some Funk into Your Professional life:

At least every two years schedule a professional rejuvenation.  Do not allow the global economic situation to dissuade you from considering that long overdue professional makeover.   Here are some easy transitional steps toward a fresh and polished YOU: 1)      Change your wardrobe:  Sometimes  it is a good idea to change a few of your professional […]