It’s about having the right mix of passion and compassion

Melinda is a former human resource professional and the founder of HR Inspired Business Solutions Inc.  Seven years ago, she pursued her passion to be a career and leadership coach to help professionals struggling with limiting beliefs and low self-confidence in their life and career.  She understood the importance of providing a comfortable and safe space for professionals to be listened to and have unjudged reactions and interaction when discussing their pain areas.

After relocating to New York Melinda faced several challenges in finding suitable employment in human resources; she was in the rat race, at the beck and call of recruiters, frequently attending career fairs and desperately applying for hundreds of online jobs and hardly receiving an interview or job offer.  Throughout those difficult moments, Melinda was constantly told by loved ones that corporate jobs were for Americans only and to find a state or medical field jobs that were suited for Caribbean people.

Like most people, Melinda struggled with self-doubt, low self-confidence and understanding how to leverage her talent in a new country.  However, Melinda stayed true to her vision of establishing a company where she can lead, transform, empower and inspire others to succeed.  She values a trusting and genuine relationship at all levels and will continue to be passionate about helping people one at a time to find fulfillment in their career or business.


HR Inspired Business Solutions Inc./Melinda George Bristol was originally founded in the Caribbean and now operates in New York, USA.  My company was established to help professionals overcome their limiting beliefs and feel confident about their life and career.  In addition, to help small and medium business owners develop transformational leaders and implement good HR practices.  The bottom line is that I want to help businesses correct inefficiencies, achieve higher productivity and increase profitability.

In the coaching process, all clients are treated with respect, compassion, and integrity.  I provide a coaching system that focuses on accountability with clear milestones. Every coaching package is personalized and includes information, resources, support, and feedback.  I care about making a meaningful impact in every client’s life and  I will not provide quick-fix solutions in finding a job or becoming an overnight leader. Instead, I offer a program that will allow you to gain lifelong career and leadership skills.