Absolutely Joyous, I Felt It In My Heart

I began writing my first book, Transformist of the Heart and Soul in 2012 and self-published it in September 2013. I was inspired to write Transformist of the Heart and Soul after I witnessed many of my friends, colleagues, and even strangers were hurting emotionally and mentally, regardless of socio-economic background.

Those people were struggling with self-love, self-care, self-identity, self-permission, self-forgiveness, and stayed in unhealthy relationships. But it was also my time to wholeheartedly share my personal story, the ups and downs, and the ability to strengthen my emotional, mental, and spiritual muscles. I was determined to empower those women, equip them with the tools that would recharge their battery, and help shift their mindset from ‘not good enough’ to ‘trailblazer’.

When Transformist of the Heart and Soul was first published I was scared to call myself an author; really scared to share my story. I told a few close friends and family, feared criticism, and was trying to protect myself from the feedback that would cause me to second-guess my writing ability. I was not confident that my writing style and concept were impressive enough. I had written a poetry book that could be considered a cross between poems, self-help, and journaling. It was different.

However, I knew it was important for me to be transparent, go all out with my creativity and authenticity. I allowed myself to be brave, speak my own truth, and own it. I allowed myself to feel joyous and celebrate my achievements.  I understood that noise and chatter were inevitable, but to help others meant sharing my story, talent, and creativity. I believe that failure, pain, and setbacks, are important lessons. Fast-forward to 2018, I had the opportunity to work with a traditional publishing company in New York and Transformist of The Heart and Soul was republished.

5 lessons You Can Learn and Earn From Getting Outside You Comfort Zone

  1. Learn that it’s okay to celebrate all wins, whether they were small or big. Always celebrate accomplishments.
  2. Learn that people, including family and friends, will not always be cheerleaders, so continue to press on and love them anyway. 
  3. Failure and mistakes are a hell of a great thing because it’s an opportunity to revamp, rethink, redo, and allow creative juices to flow further.   
  4. Have courage. Do not control the outcome of a situation do your part, show up, and let the rest fall into place naturally.
  5. Dreams and passions should not be delayed. A change-agent goes head-on and pursues all goals no matter what, no matter what!. 

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