Why I Started A Career Coaching Business

Seven years ago, I became unhappy and unfulfilled in my professional life and resigned from my position as a human resources manager. It was challenging to be at work and it was because I barely received any recognition, had little decision-making power and was tired of compromising my values. To be honest, I started suffering from the impostor syndrome, and as you can imagine that’s an awful feeling.

Fast forward, three years I emigrated from St. Lucia  to the United States and as a ‘foreigner’ it was necessary I gained relevant US work experience in order to return on the job market.   I faced several challenges in finding a long-term suitable job opportunity in human  resources; I was in the rat race, at the beck and call of recruiters, frequently attending career fairs and desperately applying for hundreds of online jobs.   I quickly realized that my professional life was taking a nose dive- a very deep one.   So during that time, I   upgraded my skills by taking refresher courses, volunteering, and networking.  

Like most people, I had my own personal struggles in discovering my true purpose and understanding how to leverage my expertise, background, and talent effectively. Over time, I became self-assured and realized that I had passion, good relationship building skills, and coaching ability. I had coached former colleagues, friends, and family in finding their willpower and motivation to overcome setbacks in their career and personal life. In July 2018, I registered my business and started my career journey as a self-employed career and executive coach. Currently, I’m in a career that makes me feel alive and allows me to be present and show-up daily for people who need my help and support.

When you about to give up on your dreams

when you think you are not worthy of a second chance

I say to you

Don’t give up

Melinda George, Transformist of the Heart and Soul.

You can do this… Are you ready the find your willpower and motivation to overcome setbacks on your career path?

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