Moonlighting or Moonwalking

Moonlighting is a term used to refer to holding a second job outside of normal working hours.

In this tough economic climate some of us need to work multiple jobs in order to survive.  It is not uncommon in these challenging times for people to take a second job, or even spend time outside of work trying to create a new business venture of their own.  The cost of living has changed drastically over the last decade and there is absolutely no question when it comes to having additional income for one to support their family,  purchase the essentials and even splurge a little.

Is there a median for employers and employees when it comes to Moonlighting?

Many employers may not have an issue with an employee having a second job, as long as the employee’s work performance remains solid, and the employee’s outside job does not compromise the primary employer’s business interest.  Conversely, some employers may consider overall that moonlighting is a firing offense.

Moonlighting advice for An Employee:  If the reason for taking a second job is primarily monetary, then may able you should talk to your current employer to pick up extra shifts rather than take a second job.

  1. Before considering a second job, take the time to check your current employer’s policies about outside employment.
  2. “Moonlighters” can work between 60-75 hours weekly,  so try to  find a way to schedule some time with your family and friends or those relationships will suffer.
  3. Second jobs may be professionally and financially rewarding, but if you are weak on time management, be sure to brush up on those skills before tackling the multitasking involved in multiple jobs.
  4. Moonlight in short doses,  make it a short-term goal you want to accomplish and ensure that the second job is something of interest or new career passion.
  5. Know when it is time to quit, whether it’s when you reach your financial goal or you are beginning to mentally or physically break down, you must reduce the load.
  6. Lastly, reduce on the time to commute.  Find a job that is geographically close to each other or home.
  1. If you’re thinking of moonlighting, it’s certainly wise to review whether what you are planning to do violates any written policies of your employer, or your own employment agreements.

The information contained in this article is intended to provide useful information on the topic covered, and should not be construed as legal advice or a legal opinion.

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