Kiss Your Job Goodbye…….

This post is a must read for everyone.

How many times do you hear people mourn about their professional life? Way too many times. Let’s not fool anyone here, at some point in our working life we all get fed up and frustrated with our job. Take a few minutes and refer to The Maslow Hierarchy of needs, see where you fall.

What’s the remedial approach to this? Well, I will happily suggest you conduct a self-evaluation, meaning take stock of your life. You may not find one straight forward resolution but I believe that you will gain some insight about the direction your professional is heading. Really, what’s the point of dragging your professional life through unnecessary torture! I am not advocating become a BUM or practice “bum-mi-zi-um”. All, I’m simply saying is to become proactive and avoid professional suicide.

Five signs that you might be ready to quit your job:

1. You get up early enough on mornings for work but for some strange reason you are not over the moon and enthusiastic to get out of bed, instead you just lay there repeating your mantra “I wish it was my day off”. This maybe a sign of physical exhaustion or straight up you have fallen out of love with your job.

2. All what you find yourself doing at work most times is day dreaming and surfing the internet for inspiration. You know you are cheating your employer of his/her time and still getting paid. Your productivity is at an all-time low, the spot light is now on you. You need a booster.

3. When you come across a manager who is Cruel-vs.-Devil, or just damn right nasty to you. Do not torture yourself, your may not able to change you manager’s behavior unless you are in a company that has zero tolerance when it comes to code of conduct, so do not apply the adage “If you can’t beat them then join them”. Ugliest at work can always manifest itself in other areas of your life.

4. You realize that you are no longer enjoying your job and your last two performance evaluations writing on the wall is “you should be fired”. It’s wise to avoid being terminated for performance issues particularly if you have been given the necessary training and right tools to get the job done. Then there is no excuse whatsoever to under-perform. Don’t become lazy remember one day you might own a business and your employees may behavior in the same manner.

5. Of course, you are medically unfit, don’t use up all your sick days and half the year out of work and believe that the company will always react nonchalantly   . You can only offer the best of you if you are medically fit to perform your job so make it a priority  care of yourself before anything else. Every employer wants healthy, productive and reliable employees.

Quitting your job is serious business and therefore I recommend that you weigh the pros and cons of your situation…. Please check out my next blog on “How to quit your job effectively”.

Remember, Every Talent Counts for something!


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